What Agents and Insureds Are Saying About Using EzCOI

We’re always looking for new technologies that keep us at the leading edge in our industry. You really have to have multiple service options for certificates of insurance to keep up with technology advancements and demands of Insureds. We have several Insureds who are a great fit for EzCOI. For those Insureds, EzCOI offers certificate convenience that those Insureds love. It’s just one more tool in our toolbox that helps us serve insureds the way they want to be served.

Kevin, Agent
Contractor’s Edge Insurance Services
San Clemente, CA


I know I can always call my agent to get a certificate of insurance, but sometimes I’d rather get the cert immediately without having to bother my agent. Having the option to get a COI right from my mobile device is the kind of customer service that makes my job easier.

Steve, Insured
Boise, ID


My biggest Insured loves EzCOI, and it’s quickly becoming a competitive advantage for our agency. Not only does EzCOI free up our staff time with certificates, but it also elevates the level of service we can provide to our Insureds who need large numbers of COIs throughout the year. We’ve always used our agency management system to handle certificate requests, but it really wasn’t Certificate Holder friendly. I wish I had signed up for EzCOI sooner.

Reginald, Agent
CCS Brokers, LLC
Ridgeland, MS


I've used EzCOI with my desktop and cell phone... Even on weekends and after-hours. It's great!

Steve, Insured
Bowie, MD


EzCOI really freed up a lot of staff time for our Agency. We use it for all of our Insureds because it is much more convenient for our Agency, and our Insureds, than the management system we were using for Certificates prior. We love that we can use EzCOI as much or as little as we want for the same, flat rate. EzCOI also gives us the flexibility to process a Certificate right over the phone using their “Deliver COI” feature that emails the Certificate to the Insured and their Certificate Holder in one, easy step. Feedback from Insureds going online to obtain their Certificates has also been positive. We’re glad we signed up…This is a great service!

Allison, Agent
Weathers Insurance
Atlanta, GA


I love this service! EzCOI helps me keep up with all the certificates of insurance needed by my Taxi Cab Insureds so I can give them the best service possible. EzCOI has worked great for my agency. If an agency is thinking about joining EzCOI—do it! You won’t be sorry.

Sam, Agent
Williams Insurance Agency
Jackson, MS


I have been using EzCOI quite a bit. It's easy and convenient.

Vinny, Insured
VGM Construction
Fairfax, VA


EzCOI was on my radar, and then a situation came up where I decided to try it out. I LOVE IT! Especially the delivery feature to the Certificate Holder and the requestor. Now I just wish I would have signed up sooner!

Art, Agent
Michael Abdou Insurance Agency, Inc.
San Diego, CA


Our Insureds love having access to their Certificates through EzCOI. A local Contractor recently selected our Agency for his business insurance because he could request his Certificates through EzCOI. He was excited about accessing his Certificate of Insurance at any time; especially after regular business hours, and by smart phone while out on the road. We like the fact that more of our Insureds are visiting the EzCOI site to get their Certificates whenever they need them. Plus, the simple EzCOI site enables us to issue certificates much faster than before. EzCOI is great for Agencies; it’s even better for Insureds.

Larry, Agent
Paddock Insurance Agency, Ltd
Alexandria, VA


EzCOI is so easy to use! You don’t even need many Insureds to benefit from the time savings EzCOI’s service provides. I have one Insured who needs a large volume of COIs each month. Even with one Insured, it would cost me more to do the COIs in-house than it does using EzCOI. EzCOI pays for itself every month—even with just one Insured! EzCOI saves me money and makes COIs easy. EzCOI just makes good sense.

Perry, Agent
Commercial Insurance Services
Sacramento, CA


When one of our construction clients is on a job site, and needs a COI on the weekend, now they can get it with EzCOI. The 24x7 access to certificates of insurance is important to our agency. Our office is not open 24x7, but now we can service our Insureds with their certificate requests like we were—thanks to EzCOI.

Anitra, Agent
Fred Meyer & Sons, Inc.
Baltimore, MD


This service really frees up my time. I spend a lot of time on the phone with my Insureds who need COIs for trucking load pickups and deliveries. If I’m on the phone with one Insured, I can’t take a call from another Insured who needs a certificate of insurance. EzCOI frees up my time so I can give my Insureds what they need when they want it. I have one insured who uses EzCOI almost every day. The website couldn’t be simpler.

Jim, Agent
Southern Truck Insurance Services
Monroe, NC