Frequently Asked Questions

Learning The Service

Who teaches my clients how to use the site?

EzCOI is intuitive and easy to use. Anyone who can use the Internet and check their email can easily use EzCOI. Click here to view a simple user guide that walks your Insureds through their first COI request.

Who will teach me or my staff how to use it?

EzCOI is much easier to use than the typical agency management system or insurance company website. Click here to view a simple user guide that walks you through how to issue your first COI to an Insured.

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Creating & Issuing Certificates

Can I use EzCOI to complete a certificate for an Insured myself?

Yes. Just use the "Deliver COI" feature in your Agent account. You can also designate an email address for the Insured and their Certificate Holder for instant delivery in one, easy step.

Do I have to make all my certificates available on the service?

No. You can place as few or as many Insureds as you like on EzCOI. You can also add or remove Named Insureds as often as you like.

What certificates are available to the Named Insured on EzCOI?

EzCOI provides liability COIs, represented on the Agent's Acord Form 25, and needed by the Named Insured for a 3rd party. These are especially useful for certificate-dependent Insureds like contractors, trucking companies, program business, consultants, entertainment brokers, property managers, and more.

Do I have to input the policy for my Named Insured into EzCOI?

Yes. You only have to do this once to satisfy all future COI requests for all of your Insured's Certificate Holders. After that, you just need to update the renewal dates or policy changes impacting your Insured so they can continue getting easy and fast access to certificates of insurance. The "Clone" feature in the Agent’s account allows the Agent to easily duplicate certificate templates for Named Insureds to make preloading policies easier and faster.

Can I use this service for my community association unit owners who need COIs?

No. EzCOI is built for commercial liability certificates where the Named Insured is individually invited to use the service by their Agent. Community association certificates of insurance are typically requested by 3rd parties, not the Named Insured. EOI Direct is a service that handles certificates of insurance for community associations throughout the country, and is built with the customizations required for these documents. EzCOI is a joint venture with EOI Direct.

How is the COI delivered?

All COIs are emailed as an Adobe PDF file. All certificates are also archived for the Agent and Insured for web viewing/printing in their EzCOI account.

Can COIs be faxed or mailed?

EzCOI delivers by email and web view only. Once the Insured receives the file by email, it can easily be printed, then faxed or mailed to the Certificate Holder. The Agent also maintains a copy of the COI in their account that can be printed at any time.

Is there a limit on COI deliveries?

There is no limit to the number of Insureds or the number of COIs. It is all covered by the monthly rate paid by the Agent.

Is there any cost to my Insureds?

EzCOI is a free, unlimited service for your clients. The Agent pays a flat $39.99 per month for unlimited use. There are no sign up fees, and no long-term contracts to sign. You can cancel any time.

Special Items & Endorsements

What endorsements can be indicated on COIs accessed on EzCOI?

Additional Insured status and Waiver of Subrogation can be indicated on the COI. If either is selected, EzCOI notifies the Agent of a pending COI request that requires review. Once the certificate is reviewed and approved by the Agent (or modified so it can be approved as required by the Agent), the COI is emailed to your Insured. Agents have complete control over ALL certificates emailed to their Insureds. Additional information and/or endorsements may also be reflected on the Overflow Page by the Agent.

What if the certificate holder requires special language in the Description/Special Items section of the COI form?

Your Insured may request language in the description field of the Acord 25 using EzCOI. These modified certificates require Agent review to be approved before they are emailed to the Insured.

Accessing & Updating Certificates

How will I update expiring COIs?

Log in and update the policy, and notify the Insured through the EzCOI application. The Insured will then into their account and retrieve the renewal certificate by clicking a simple link next to the previously issued COI in their account. Everything prepopulates from the original request including any approved endorsements. If the Insured needs no additional changes to the COI, they simply input the e‐mail addresses where they want the updated COI sent. As an Agent, you can also designate an email reminder to be sent to you in advance of any coverage expiration.

How do my Insureds gain access to their COIs?

The Agent invites the Insured to register on EzCOI by checking the "Welcome Email" box that appears when a Named Insured is added ti a certificate. The Insured is able to create their own login with the security token embedded in the Welcome Email. This security token links the Insured to the policy that the Agent controls. The Insured uses their own User ID and Password to log in to request new COIs and renewals when updates are provided by the Agent.

Note: The Insured will have 3 days to click on the link to set up their Insured account before the link expires. If they are not receiving the emails, they may need to check their spam folder and/or whitelist

The Agent can add, edit or remove access for any Insured through the Agent’s "Preferences" feature at any time.

How secure is the access to my COIs?

COIs can only be accessed by individuals with a valid User ID and password. Only the licensed Agent can make changes affecting the policy. Agents control the access given to their chosen Insureds and can change or remove access at any time.

Will I be able to see which COIs have been delivered?

Yes. Every COI delivered to your Insured will be saved and available for you to access at any time. Your Insureds can also reprint previously issued COIs whenever they like.

Will the Certificate Holders also have access to the COIs?

No. The service is only designed for Agents and the Named Insureds of the Agent’s choosing. However, the Agent and the Insured can utilize the carbon copy feature to e-mail Agent-approved certificates of insurance to multiple parties, including the Certificate Holder.

Is there a limit to the number of clients that can use the service?

There is no limit, and no minimum. You can provide access to as many, or as few, of your clients as you like.


What if I want to cancel the service?

Agents can cancel the service at any time by selecting "Profile & Settings" in their "Control Center" and selecting the cancellation option where payment information can be changed. Cancellation will result in the cessation of any future monthly billings. There are no cancellation fees or refunds of charges already paid. Each month’s service fees are fully earned.

Can I change the email address for my account?

The e‐mail used for pending approval notifications is the e-mail used at registration. You can easily set e‐mails coming from to be forwarded to other e‐mail addresses of your choosing through your own e‐mail client. If you must change the e‐mail with which you registered, you’ll need to contact EzCOI.