SAVINGS: Agents save time and money. Industry studies indicate that it costs the typical agency between $7 and $34 for every COI they issue depending on complexity and number of revisions requested. EzCOI pays for itself with the first few COIs delivered each month.

FEWER PHONE CALLS: Agents immediately experience a significant reduction in incoming calls for Certificates of Insurance.

UTILIZE TECHNOLOGY: EzCOI is optimized for web viewing on smartphones and tablets. Now, Certificates of Insurance can be completed any time, from anywhere, and with any mobile device. Whether you do your work inside or outside of an office, EzCOI gives Agents and Insureds results at their fingertips without expensive software to buy or maintain.

BETTER CUSTOMER SERVICE: Insureds will enjoy better service by receiving their approved COIs fast, and without having to call the Agent's office (where the Insured would otherwise wait for the Agent to duplicate the tasks the Insured has already completed).

24/7 ACCESS: Insureds can obtain a basic COI at any time, regardless of your office hours.

ADDED VALUE: Insureds recognize EzCOI as a value added service being provided by their Agent.

GREATER EFFICIENCY: EzCOI is the quickest, easiest and most economical way to deliver all of your Certificates of Insurance.

EXPERIENCE: EzCOI is a joint venture with EOI Direct (www.eoidirect.com). With over 350,000 registered users, a 25% market share, and a decade of experience with online delivery of condominium Certificates of Insurance, EOI Direct is a leader in COI solutions.